Ethical Hacking

According to Bank Info Security News (, Trojans pose serious risks for any personal and sensitive information stored on compromised Android devices, the FBI warns. But experts say any mobile device is potentially at risk because the real problem is malicious applications, which in an open environment are impossible to control. And anywhere malicious apps are around, so is the potential for financial fraud.

According to cyber security experts, the banking Trojan known as citadel, an advanced variant of zeus, is a keylogger that steals online-banking credentials by capturing keystrokes. Hackers then use stolen login IDs and passwords to access online accounts, take them over, and schedule fraudulent transactions.  Hackers created this Trojan that is specifically designed for financial fraud and sold on the black market.

You are a security administrator of your company, and your job responsibilities include protecting the network from Trojans and backdoors, Trojan attacks, the theft of valuable data from the network, and identity theft.


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